Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My daughter started walking

On 16th of February I was blessed with a baby girl which made me and my husband feel on the top of the world. The very first thing that came out of me was her name (instant reaction) Pia. I never ever thought that I would call her by this name but then it just came.

Life changed completely, very lazy girl had now suddenly become a mother and a responsible lady. Pia started growing but I always thought the process is so slow, why can't she grow up little faster and start walking. I guess all parents think so. Sleepless nights, changing diapers, washing her clothes, all had now become a part of me. But I enjoyed each and every bit of it. My husband had now become a more responsible than before. Would help me more now in taking care of Pia.

SIx months later she started having top feed and that again made me think , when will she walk. I remember she liked mashed bananas very much when she started eating. Seven months she started sitting with support.

Ten months, babies begin to pay more attention to what's going on around them, it's not unusual for them to develop new fears. In fact, it's a normal developmental stage.Pia would suddenly cry and cling to you upon hearing even familiar sounds such as the dog barking next door, the vacuum cleaner or the doorbell ringing.She used her mouth to explore every fascinating little item within reach, from buttons to beans — and her reach was expanding with each passing week.

Eleventh month she had become more smarter, I use to keep things under a cloth and she would take it out from there. SHe had started blabbering and wow she spoke some foreign language which was difficult for us to understand.

Hey she was one year old and I din't even even realize one year has passed until I had to make preparations for her first birthday. A lot has happened, in her life and mine.My little one had started toddling around now. Her favourite place was my mandir(puja ghar). She use to get in there and play with the bell and the sandal stick. I guess she also liked the smell of the stick.

14th month Pia suddenly got up on her own and stood with a support of a wodden chair, I was completely amazed. She then would put her hands on our lap to take support to stand. I had to pay extra attention as she would put her finger in the plug points and try to explore it. She started waving "bye bye" and do namaste to all passer by.

15th month Pia had learned few words, she could now say "Mama" and "Papa". The only word she used to say loudly was "NO". Her gestures could only get smile on our faces. NOw she could show her body parts as well. I just love her watching when she shows her fingers. I guess all parents do, am no exception.

Here comes 16th month and guess what, she has started walking (I have been waiting for)and now there are no boundaries for her. She would just walk into the kitchen and spill all the potatoes from the stand and laugh at rolling potatoes. Broken my landline phones and I guess there are some more damages we are waiting for.

Some days you won't be able to imagine a better age.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Wedding

People say marriages are made in heaven...Do you agree to that? I DO..

Life was never easy so was my case when you reach marriageable age and don't find a life partner,pressure from parents and relatives makes ones life hell. I could have never thought of getting my life partner the way I got him.

Well it all starts from internet matrimony site. I happened to visit my parents for a weeks time and there comes the phone of a person who introduces himself and wishes to know more about me for marriage purpose. I had reached home the same day and was least interested to talk to this person but you know the pressure from parents, I had to speak to him that too politely...How are you? Am fine, thank you.

He did not match my criteria and I showed least interest in him. He kept on calling but never did I bother to answer nor did I call him back. It was only mails that hold us together for sometime and finally I agreed to be in touch with him and we became good friends.

Now here starts the story. We slowly started getting along well and things started moving. The marriage chapter was reopened and a hell lot of drama went on from parents side for horoscope matching. Do you believe in horoscope matching? Well ours never matched. We had gone deeper in our relationship and had started feeling for each other very strongly. Can you believe in a day we use to share about 80-100 short mails. Too much to believe, but yes we did.

I did understand that he is the kind of person I would like to share my life with. He did love me a lot and always supported me in my thick and thin. This lasted for about 11 months. Finally my parents agreed to meet him. He came down to my parents place and when my father first met him he was damn impressed by his simplicity and honesty. I too liked the same. Things were finalised and within 3 months we got married. Did I tell you.......we never met each other till he came to meet my parents.

Today we have a baby and we are living happily. So my story ends here...life begins though.

So guys believe it or not "Marriages are made in Heaven".